Plaid Cymru promises north Wales windfall in budget deal

“North Wales will benefit like never before”

Plaid Cymru has secured a budget deal with the Welsh Government that will bring significant benefits to north Wales, the party’s North Wales AM Llyr Gruffydd has said.

Llyr Gruffydd said that the budget deal, to be unveiled later today, secured by his party is the biggest one-year budget deal in the history of the National Assembly, and will deliver significant benefits for north Wales.

Amongst the gains secured by Plaid Cymru, there will be:

  • Investment in medical training to get more doctors working in the NHS including medical schools
  • Creation of a ports infrastructure fund which could mean significant investment in Holyhead and Mostyn
  • More funding for Local Authorities, which will mean councils will no longer face nominal cuts to their budgets next year
  • A massive £30 million investment in universities and Further Education campuses which will benefit establishments such as Bangor Universities, Glyndwr University, Coleg Cambria and other FE colleges
  • The creation of thousands of good quality apprenticeships all across Wales
  • Helping to regenerate town centres by promoting pilot schemes for free town-centre parking
  • More funding for the arts and heritage, including a feasibility study to create a national football museum in the North
  • A doubling of the Visit Wales budget to boost tourism.

Plaid Cymru North Wales AM Llyr Gruffydd said:

“Not only is this the biggest budget deal in the history of the National Assembly for Wales, but it is the best ever deal for north Wales – thanks to Plaid Cymru. From the beginning of this Assembly term, Plaid Cymru made it clear that we will use our role as the Official Opposition to deliver real gains for the people of Wales, and that is what we have achieved today.

“Our deal will see greater investment in education, through our universities and Further Education colleges, and by creating thousands of new apprenticeships. Plaid Cymru has also secured investment in the health service, which will mean more diagnostic equipment to bring down waiting times, and that we can train more doctors to work in the NHS at new locations such as a medical school in Bangor.

“Plaid Cymru has secured a feasibility study into creating a national football museum in Wrexham, and the extra funding that we have secured will mean that bodies such as the National Museum for Wales will see an increase in their budgets. And by doubling the budget for Visit Wales we can make Wales a world-renowned travel destination and help the businesses that depend on tourist trade.

“Plaid Cymru’s goal has always been to deliver the best deal possible for the people of Wales and our budget deal represents a massive £119 million investment package that will strengthen the NHS, boost the economy, improve educational standards and deliver better public services. We have delivered more in less than six months as an opposition party than any other party in the history of the National Assembly, and we will continue to fight for the best interests of people all across Wales.”

Marc Jones, Plaid Cymru’s Wrexham spokesperson, said: “The additional funding in the Welsh budget that Plaid Cymru has obtained for areas such as Wrexham is hugely welcome and comes on top of the previous agreement in May. There’s money to help rejuvenate the town centre through a pilot scheme for free parking together with additional funds for apprenticeships and a welcome boost for Coleg Cambria and Glyndwr University. Frontline council services will be better protected due to the extra funding we’ve secured from the Welsh Government too.

“Our NHS, which has struggled so much in recent years, is going to see better investment to train more doctors here in the North as well as investment in specialist diagnostic equipment to treat patients more quickly.

“On a personal level, I’m also delighted that the plan for a National Football Museum here in Wrexham is a step further on. This is something Plaid Cymru locally has called for over the past year with other interested parties such as the football club and supporters’ trust. I hope the feasibility study can turn this dream into reality as it would be a real boost to the town and the region.

“Our Plaid Cymru team of AMs in Cardiff have delivered real results for North Wales and Wrexham in particular.”

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