Welsh Government’s ‘do nothing’ approach to water takeover disappoints Plaid AM

‘Welsh water services should be run from Wales, for Wales, and not from Coventry’ – Leanne Wood

First Minister Carwyn Jones today admitted that the Welsh Government had not even contacted Dee Valley Water over the planned takeover of the Welsh firm by Severn Trent.

During questions by Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood, who described the takeover as “a huge issue”, he said the Government was planning to write to the firm.

Leanne Wood also questioned him on jobs and the local economy, which she said would suffer greatly if the takeover went ahead: “The proposed takeover raises serious questions about the future of our natural resources. Our resources, which should be benefiting people in this country, are already being bought and sold as we speak. Has the First Minister considered what impact this takeover bid could have on the water industry in Wales, bearing in mind the competitive model being pushed in England that has been rejected here?

“Will he join me by making a clear statement today that Welsh water services should be run from Wales, for Wales, and not from Coventry for a bunch of multinational shareholders?”

Llyr Gruffydd, Plaid Cymru’s North Wales AM, said: “I’m astounded at the complacency of the Welsh Government on this matter. It’s a big issue here in the North-east in terms of jobs and the knock-on effects for local suppliers but there’s a bigger picture that could affect the whole of Wales. Why hasn’t it registered with the First Minister, who has two local AMs in his cabinet?

“I’ll continue to work with concerned staff and customers, who have contacted me to express their fears about the loss of service, because Dee Valley Water is a successful local company with 150 years of history behind it. The Welsh Government is failing this part of Wales and Dee Valley workers and consumers deserve far better leadership. Thankfully, that’s what they’re getting from Leanne Wood in the Assembly.”

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