First Minister fails to back full investigation of water company takeover

Llyr Gruffydd, Plaid Cymru’s North Wales AM, has expressed disappointment after the First Minister failed to back his call for a full investigation into the future of Dee Valley Water.

The Wrexham-based company is facing a hostile takeover bid by Severn Trent Water, which could see the 150-year-old company disappear with the loss of jobs, local services and the quality of service for customers.

Mr Gruffydd asked whether the First Minister would back a Competition and Markets Authority Phase 2 investigation that would look into the implications of such a takeover.

Speaking after First Minister Questions, Mr Gruffydd said, “This is a critical time for the future of Dee Valley Water. We need a united front from politicians of all colours to back the workforce and customers to ensure we maintain jobs, services and the quality of service that Dee Valley provides. That was why I pressed the First Minister to back calls for a full investigation but I was disappointed to hear him duck the issue.

“There are wider issues at stake here that could impact on the entire Welsh water industry. I’d expect the First Minister to provide a far clearer stance in stating that we want water services in Wales to be run from Wales rather than from Coventry. Having met with the Dee Valley workforce on Friday I’m in no doubt that that is what they want and that’s what is best for water consumers in Wales.”

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