Bank accused of ‘abandoning Welsh communities’

A leading bank has been accused of abandoning north Wales in announcing the closure of nine branches.

NatWest has announced that nine of its branches will close in 2017.

Llyr Gruffydd, Plaid Cymru’s North Wales AM said: “NatWest is the latest big bank to effectively turn its back on large parts of Wales – some key towns in my region will now be without a bank at all.

“This abandoning of Welsh communities follows a pattern set by other banks and it will have a serious impact on many small traders who rely on local bank branches to bank takings on a regular basis. I know from previous bank closures in the region how this has impacted on local businesses, with some having to close for half a day to travel to the next nearest branch.

“The banks will say that customers can bank online but this is only the case where customers have a decent broadband signal and that is simply not the case for many rural communities. I will continue to campaign to retain community banks and Plaid Cymru’s message is that, as the big corporate banks abandon our communities, we will work to create an alternative bank that does serve the people and small businesses of Wales.

“I’m particularly concerned about the decision to quit the Ruthin branch, which is located in a historic building on the town’s square. I will be writing to the bank and local council asking what safeguards will be put in place to safeguard its future.”


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