Questions over Chancellor’s links to Llangollen development

Following the revelation that Chancellor Philip Hammond MP is the owner of Castlemead development firm, the developers set to build 95 new houses in Llangollen, Llyr Gruffydd said,

“The proposed development in Llangollen by Castlemead has been given the go ahead in the teeth of significant local opposition, as it will not answer local demand for affordable housing. The council was forced reduce the level of affordable housing to just 10% because of a limitation imposed by the Planning Inspectorate. Campaigners were insisting on a minimum of 20% affordable housing. The Planning Inspectorate is a UK Government Agent and, as such, ultimately answerable to the government in which Philip Hammond is chancellor.

“Philip Hammond is still the owner of Castlemead. He has already become a wealthy man through Castlemead and is set to become even wealthier from this development. It’s not right that he can profit from developments that have been influenced by the decisions of government agencies.”

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