North Wales lose out to south east in new Welsh budget

Plaid Cymru AMs have voted against Labour’s revised budget because it was focussed on spending in the south-east rather than areas such as the North.

Plaid Cymru Assembly Member for North Wales, Llyr Gruffydd said north Wales was losing out on vital funds due to more money being allocated to projects in south-east Wales.

Llyr Gruffydd AM and his Plaid Cymru colleagues voted against the Labour Government’s revised budget for this year because, he said, “it failed to show that they were a Government for the whole of Wales” by allocating the vast majority of the new funds to projects in the Cardiff area.

Llyr Gruffydd said, “I was elected to stand up for north Wales. This supplementary budget is not a budget for the whole of Wales, Instead, once again, we see Labour in Cardiff concentrating on the south-east of Wales. Another £22m has been allocated for the proposed M4 relief road, which hasn’t even been approved yet; another £10m for the Heads of the Valleys; £15m for a link road in Cardiff Bay; over £6m for an International Convention Centre in Newport; and millions more for projects involving Cardiff Airport.

“While all this is happening, parts of the North are crying out for investment. There are demands to improve roads and build bypasses to ease traffic problems and improve links between our communities, but this Labour Government are clearly not interested.

“Furthermore the revised budget shows that Labour plans to cut spending for Motorways and Trunk Roads by nearly £20m. I am concerned that we will be disproportionately hit here in north Wales. This is why I voted against the revised budget. I will always stand up for the interests of north Wales.”

Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Economy Secretary, Adam Price AM said: “Once again this Labour Government has arrogantly come to the Assembly Chamber believing it can railroad through millions of pounds of public spending changes without giving Assembly Members or indeed members of the public sufficient information.

“Labour should learn by now that Plaid Cymru AMs have the audacity to scrutinise, and the willingness to oppose if they do not meet the standards that taxpayers deserve when their money is spent. Our votes should never be taken for granted.

“Plaid Cymru will do what is can to ensure the nation has an all-Wales Government which delivers a Wales-wide budget.”


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