“Appoint young person to Brexit Advisory Group”

Young voices missing from debate on future outside EU

Plaid Cymru Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Education, Children, Skills and Lifelong Learning, Llyr Gruffydd, has today made the case for a young person to be appointed to the Wales’s European Advisory Group, arguing that the younger generation’s voice is not presently being heard in the debate on the UK’s future outside the EU.

Llyr Gruffydd stressed that young people voted heavily to Remain in the EU referendum and it’s their generation who will live the longest with the consequences of Brexit.

He added that membership of the European Union had presented young people with valuable chances to work and to learn on the continent and that Brexit should not shut down these options and opportunities to broaden horizons.

Plaid Cymru’s Llyr Gruffydd AM said, “The European Advisory Group established last year was a welcome development following the vote to leave the EU.

“It’s vital that the Labour Welsh Government is open to heeding advice from business, experts and industry leaders as Brexit negotiations get underway.

“However, what’s clearly missing from this Group is someone who speaks for the younger generation – those who will live the longest with the consequences of leaving the European Union.

“When announcing the Group, the First Minister stressed that it is his responsibility to shape Wales’s future outside the EU.

“It is also his responsibility to ensure that no generation is left behind by this decision, and that our young people especially are not denied valuable opportunities previously afforded to them by our links with the continent.

“The appointee could take recommendations from key bodies such as the National Union for Students and present them to the Welsh Government for consideration.

“I hope that the First Minister will take forward this constructive suggestion to ensure that the interests of everyone in Wales, regardless of their age, are represented as we prepare to leave the EU.”

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