New reassurances for flood-hit estate welcomed

New reassurance for householders unable to get insurance due to flood risk has been welcomed by Llyr Gruffydd AM.

Plaid Cymru’s regional AM said: “I’ve been working with Councillor Emrys Wynne for a number of years to reassure householders in Ruthin on this matter. One key concern was to ensure that householders in previously flood-hit areas such as the Glasdir estate in Ruthin could get insurance. It has been a constant worry for anyone affected because insurers have, in the past, been reluctant to support those households.

“With that in mind I recently met with Natural Resources Wales and they have now responded to my enquiries with a specific letter that will provide reassurance to both householders and their insurers and mortgage lenders. Many insurances companies don’t use NRW’s expert information and only use their own commercial products.

“It categorises Glasdir as a low flood-risk area and explains the work carried out locally since the floods to ensure it will not happen again. I hope this will be useful to householders who may be having difficulties with this matter.

“To that end, I’ve distributed a letter to all householders providing details of NRW’s offer to them and I hope they will enjoy this festive period with some more reassurance than has been possible in the past.”

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