New figures show Labour’s economic plan “engineering inequality”

Plaid Cymru AM makes the case for radical rebalancing of Welsh economy

Plaid Cymru Shadow Cabinet Secretary for the Economy, Adam Price AM has this week obtained new figures showing that some parts of Wales are funded over three times more per head than others.

The figures were obtained from the Welsh Government in response to a written questions submitted by Adam Price AM in mid-January. They show the 2017-18 capital spend forecast for each Welsh region – ranging from £102.63 per head in Mid & West Wales to £380.77 in South Wales East.

Adam Price AM said that the figures showed not so much an “investment gap but an investment gulf” between the various regions of Wales and called for “a radical rebalancing of the Welsh economy” through a Regional Renewal Bill:

“The Welsh Government’s own figures show how the Labour party’s economic plan is engineering inequality. There is not so much an investment gap but an investment gulf between the regions of Wales, with South-east Wales being funded a staggering £232 more per head in 2017-18 than the North.

“This is not just a new phenomenon either. The average annual capital spend per head between 2013 and 2017 was £156.50 in north Wales and £236.75 in South-east Wales. In fact, every region other than the South east is forecast to be funded less than what would be national average based on population. These figures highlight the dire need for a radical rebalancing of the Welsh economy. Plaid Cymru’s all-Wales agenda has the principle of spreading prosperity and opportunity at its heart.

“The Welsh Government should bring in a Regional Renewal Bill that would prioritise deprived areas for investment, similar to what happens in Germany. We cannot allow this Labour government to turn Wales into a micro-UK – overheating one economic region at the expense of the others.”

Plaid Cymru’s North Wales AM Llyr Gruffydd added: “Fair funding is all we’re asking for. This year we’ll once again be missing out £26 million in capital spending in the North. That could go a long way to improving our schools, hospitals and other vital parts of the public sector. This rotten Labour Government is not playing fair with every part of Wales – we urgently need a party that can govern for every part of the country. Plaid Cymru has made it clear that we’d legislate to ensure that fairness and that’s the message the North wants to hear.”


Population 3,092,036:

SWW – 538,582

MWW – 577,849

NW – 632,853

SWE – 639,466

SWC – 703,286

Regional spending 2017-18 = £618,370,000 (5 regions excluding all Wales spending)

2017-8 Forecast per head “fair spending”  = £618.37m / 3,092,036 = £199.98 

Region North


Mid & West SW East SW Central SW West Average
2013-2017 per head total £627.40 £466.83 £947.00 £778.28 £670.74 £698.05
2013-2017 per head annual average £156.85 £116.71 £236.80 £194.57 £167.69
2017-18 forecast per head £158.50 (+£1.65) £102.63 (-£14.08) £380.77 (£143.97) £189.11 (-£5.46) £152.71 (-£14.98) £199.98


Region North


Mid & West


SW East


SW Central


SW West



Actual 2017-18 Forecast














‘Fair’ 2017-18 Forecast (based on £199.98 per head*)  










* Calculated

Total 2017-18 Forecast / Population = per head expenditure

£618,366,158 / 3,092,036 = £199.98


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