Labour Welsh Government “failing patients, pupils and parents” as National Survey highlights decline

Plaid Cymru Assembly Members have today responded to the publication of the annual National Survey for Wales by criticising the Labour Welsh Government for “failing patients, pupils and parents” as standards slip in health and education under their control.

Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Education, Llyr Gruffydd AM pointed to figures showing a 10% decline in satisfaction with secondary schools in just 12 months – from 85% in 2016-17 to 75% in 2017-18.

Llyr Gruffydd AM said: “These are shocking figures which show that one in four people in Wales believe that standards in our secondary schools are simply not good enough. 10% more people are dissatisfied than there were just twelve months ago.

“The Labour Welsh Government must get to grips with the challenges facing our education sector as a matter of urgency.

“School underfunding and pressure on teachers are leading to a workload crisis which in turn is driving a recruitment and retention problem for the sector.

“Plaid Cymru wants to see further action and initiatives to support the profession so that teachers, parents and pupils are no longer failed by Labour.”

Speaking about the increase in the difficulty people have in accessing GPs, Plaid Cymru Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health, Rhun ap Iorwerth AM added:

“In the last five years, the number of people having difficulty making a convenient appointment with their GP has risen from 33% to 42%.

“These figures highlight the Labour Welsh Government’s abject failure to adequately plan our NHS workforce. Staff are overworked and patients are forced to wait longer to access care.

“Plaid Cymru has consistently made the case for training & recruiting 1000 extra doctors, thousands of nurses and other medical professionals.

“We need a new centre for training doctors in the north – and supplying adequate numbers of GPs is a key part of that, so that our country no longer lags behind when it comes to the number of doctors per head.

“Labour must stop burying their heads in the sand and take swift action to tackle the growing staffing crisis facing our NHS.”


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