Calls for Gareth Bennett to resign as member of Assembly Standards Committee

Llyr Gruffydd AM says Gareth Bennett is ‘unfit’ to be member of the Assembly’s Standards Committee following his recent comments

Responding to UKIP’s new assembly group leader Gareth Bennett AM’s comments on the standards commissioner, Plaid Cymru AM Llyr Gruffydd said,

“Gareth Bennett’s public ridicule of the office of Standards Commissioner means he is unfit to be a member of the Assembly’s Standards Committee. He should therefore resign his membership of the committee with immediate effect.

“You cannot ridicule and question the Commissioner’s integrity and then be expected to properly consider his advice and recommendations on serious matters that can ultimately lead to the suspension of Assembly Members.

“His public mocking of the role of the Commissioner makes his position untenable. He should stand down and be replaced by someone who will treat the role of upholding standards in public life with the seriousness and respect that it requires.”

Llyr Gruffydd AM made no comment regarding the ongoing investigations into Gareth Bennett AM.

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