Challenge to increase number of girls taking Physics A Level

Four in 10 schools in Wales had no girls taking Physics A Level last year.

That shocking statistic has prompted Plaid Cymru’s shadow education secretary Llyr Gruffydd to call for urgent action to improve the numbers of female pupils taking science and maths subjects at A Level, in particular Physics.

Mr Gruffydd said: “There’s a fundamental problem here when you consider that, at GCSE, the numbers of boys and girls taking Physics is almost equal – 3001 boys and 2883 girls in 2017. However the numbers who are taking Physics at AS Level falls to just 22% and at A Level it’s just 18%. That is a serious and troubling drop-off that must be addressed by the education secretary.

“The absence of any girls taking Physics A Level in four out of every 10 schools in Wales suggests that this Government is not doing enough to nurture interest in the subject. If we’re serious about increasing take-up of STEM subjects, we must make sure this is reaching out to both boys and girls or we could miss out on a whole generation of women physicists and scientists.”

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