‘Don’t leave us in limbo’

Call for change of direction after Hitachi decision

Anglesey and the rest of north Wales should not be left in limbo as a result of the Hitachi decision to suspend Wylfa Newydd, according to Plaid Cymru’s shadow energy minister.

Llyr Gruffydd AM, who represents the island as part of his North Wales Region and who chairs the Assembly’s Cross-Party Group for North Wales, said: “Hitachi’s decision to suspend work on Wylfa Newydd means that we need to be realistic in moving forward. Hitachi has effectively abandoned this project and we therefore must not find ourselves waiting indefinitely. Both the UK and Welsh Governments will need to draw a line and move on at some point. In the meantime we need to develop a Plan B for the regional economy.

“I want assurances from both UK and Welsh Governments that the billions of pounds proposed for this one project can now be invested in a series of renewable energy projects that will create and safeguard jobs in an emerging sector, that we make Ynys Môn the centre of new technology and that we do not allow the suspension of this one project to leave people in limbo. That would be the worst of all possible worlds.

“Today I have spoken to the UK Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns and reiterated my view that the suspension of Wylfa Newydd has to see investment in the island continue. Ynys Môn is the poorest part of the UK economically and waiting indefinitely on Wylfa Newydd is not an option. Workers and in particular youngsters joining the labour market deserve some clear answers to the uncertainty they now face.

“Plaid Cymru will push for funding for alternatives because it is now clear that we cannot keep our eggs in one particular basket. The economy on Ynys Môn must be supported to diversify so that we adapt existing expertise and develop new skills so that workers of the future can stay on the island in well-paid work.”

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