Victory on Brexit and Our Land legislation U-turn

Responding to the Welsh Government’s announcement that it will not introduce a Welsh Agriculture Bill to implement the outcome of its Brexit and Our Land policy in this Assembly, Plaid Cymru Shadow Rural Affairs Minister Llyr Gruffydd AM said:

“This Government U-turn is a clear victory for Plaid Cymru. We have been alone in the Assembly calling on the Government to let the Brexit dust settle before introducing legislation for this once-in-a-generation change to agricultural support.

“Just last week I highlighted how the Minister had no idea what trading relationships Welsh producers would have with other countries after Brexit. Neither could she tell us what budget she would get from the UK Government to fund any potential new schemes. There are also still outstanding issues on the UK Agriculture Bill which could impact on any proposals to replace the Common Agriculture Policy in Wales.

“These are all issues that must be settled before the Welsh Government introduces legislation that implements wholesale reform to support for agriculture in Wales.

“Whilst we will continue to make the case for Welsh farmers as the Government pursues its latest Sustainable Farming and Our Land consultation and introduces a subsequent White Paper, this U-turn to now not introduce a Welsh Agriculture Bill in this Assembly is the right decision.”

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