AM praises delicious taste of the north-east

Cardiff Bay was awash with the taste of north-east Wales for a special food celebration.

Llyr Gruffydd, Plaid Cymru’s North Wales AM, was among those who attended the ‘taste north-east Wales’ event down at the Assembly that showcased some of the region’s top food and drink producers.

He said: “The quality and variety of food and drink available from local producers across this region keeps improving year on year. It was good to see some near neighbours such as Patchwork Pate’s Joanne Rudkin from Ruthin, whose shop is just a stone’s throw away from my office. They’re a well-established business who keep innovating and developing.

“I was also delighted to meet Elisabeth Jones’s Shlizzy brand, which makes the most of her Bodfari farm’s abundance of fruit to produce a wide variety of tasty drinks.

“And whether it’s red-hot chilli relishes from Goch and Company or artisan chocolate from Aballu, this part of Wales is clearly punching above its weight in terms of delicious food and drink. In addition, we’ve got popular and well-stocked outlets such as Porter’s delicatessen in Llangollen that can showcase all these products.”

He said it was important that the micro-companies being showcased at the taste event got the right support in terms of marketing and developing business when needed: “These are innovative and creative people with a passion for their food and businesses. Some will fly without support but I’m sure many at some point would appreciate some support to develop and grow.”

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