Tomlinsons: “Worrying news for workers and farmers”

In response to news that Tomlinsons dairy was not taking local farmers’ milk over the weekend:

Llyr Gruffydd, Plaid Cymru’s North Wales AM, said: “This is worrying news both for the 190-strong workforce and the dozens of farmers across the region who supply the company. The workforce and the producers must be the immediate priority.

“The reasons for this move will no doubt emerge in the coming days, but in the meantime I am seeking assurances from the Welsh Government that they will prioritise this important part of our rural economy. After the loss of Arla in Llandyrnog last year, losing Tomlinsons would be a further hammer blow for the sector here in north Wales.

“Rumours have been flying about since January regarding the company’s future and I have tried to engage with the company since then but not had a response. Workers and farmers need reassurance that their jobs and livelihoods will be safeguarded and I’ll do everything I can to ensure they get that reassurance.

“I also want to know under what circumstances the Welsh Government gave the company £5 million with a further £2 million from Finance Wales in 2017. We have been aware of concerns about the company’s finances since the start of the year and the company has failed to file accounts during that period. Did the Welsh Government carry out due diligence into the company and what is being done to protect that investment?”

Elfed Williams, Plaid Cymru spokesperson for Clwyd West, said he had heard from a number of local farmers concerned about being told at short notice over the weekend that Tomlinsons were not taking their milk: “There have been rumours circulating for a number of months that the company was in difficulties. Dairy farmers have been left scrabbling for alternatives over the weekend and that’s a real concern.”

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