Transport minister should apologise for ‘breathtaking spin’ on rail station access

Labour’s transport minister has been accused of “breathtaking” spin over promises to improve access at Ruabon station.

A year ago, Labour AM Ken Skates and his Westminster counterpart Susan Elan Jones organised a photo opportunity in Ruabon train station to celebrate news of Welsh Government investment to upgrade the station’s access. The station’s northbound platform is only accessible by bridge, which makes it impossible for wheelchairs and people with mobility issues to use.

Yet one year on, the same Welsh Government has announced which stations are being upgraded and Ruabon is not on the list.

(Page 14 lists “Access for All Stations Priority nominations not awarded UK Government investment”)

Llyr Gruffydd, Plaid Cymru’s North Wales AM, questioned the decision in the Senedd.

“It’s now more than a year since you announced to the press that disability access at Ruabon station would  be improved. A year on and people with disabilities are still unable to cross the bridge to access northbound trains. Wouldn’t it be better to do the groundwork and get things done first rather than engage in the most breathtaking spin to try to con people that you were delivering for local residents?

“This is not just some over-optimistic local politician taking a step too far – this is the minister with responsibility for transport who has recklessly raised the hopes of many people who struggle to access train services because of the footbridge. The minister should apologise.”

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