Kronospan fire: Minister rejects Plaid Cymru call for independent inquiry

Residents ‘deserve better than this’

Plaid Cymru AM Llyr Gruffydd has expressed disappointment at the Welsh government’s refusal to back an independent inquiry into recent fires at Kronospan in Chirk.

Mr Gruffydd, Plaid Cymru’s North Wales AM, again raised the issue in the Senedd in today’s questions to Lesley Griffiths, the minister for the environment.

He asked:

“In light of the recent fire at Kronospan in Chirk and the pollution resulting from that fire, the 17th in 18 years, are you satisfied with the level of monitoring carried out by Natural Resources Wales and Wrexham Council? Residents are mounting weekly protests as a result of this latest fire and I share their concerns that the bodies responsible for ensuring their safety are not providing reassurance given the plant’s record. Will you agree to hold an independent inquiry with community representation and to ensure there is permanent independent air-quality monitoring around the site to provide community reassurance?”

The minister’s answer was that she was awaiting further information from Wrexham Council about the log-yard fire and would be meeting with NRW in the next couple of weeks and would seek assurances from them about the plant. She went on to say “I don’t think there’s a need for an independent inquiry.”

Mr Gruffydd responded by saying: “I think residents deserve better than this casual dismissal by the minister. There have been numerous fires and safety incidents that deserve further investigation. She also side-stepped my call for permanent independent monitoring of the air quality around the site. It’s just not good enough to dismiss health concerns.”


  1. This needs to be dealt with now how many more children aee going to get asthema or other respiratrey problems caused by the toxins comming from kronospan.its not acceptable to have to keep windows and doors closed when the homes still get filled with the acrid smell from the smoke.i am in the process of emailing mp boris johnson. And also we will be holding regular protests too put our thoughts and feelings put over they have no thought for the residents of chirk and surrounding areas and none for there workers at all they are getting away with to much


  2. Absolute disgrace that this company is allowed to pay off a housing project then try and poison the villagers of Chirk for over 4 days but what’s so annoying that environmental health did there readings after all the fire had been extinguished
    Total Corruption on behalf of Wrexham council


    1. Has i have said before she should come and live in chirk.then see what she thinks.the protests outside kronospan will carry on until they take notice that this is not going to go away until they clean up there act for the residents of chirk and surrounding areas and also there work force .CLEAN AIR FOR CHIRK


  3. If this was happening in south wales something would of been done a long time ago, this factory is getting out of control, every year it gets bigger, the fires are getting worse, the pollution is getting worse and noone in chirk trust wrexham council to carry out true readings. I have friends who live in cefn, plas Madoc and rhos and all said the smell from the fire was bad they could all smell it miles away.
    We just want cleaner air for our children and safer conditions for all residents and workers


  4. Lesley Griffiths. You disgust the people of Chirk. You can enforce a 50mph speed on a bypass due pollution, but it is really because you baught a house not far away. But yet the people of Chirk get poisoned daily by Kronospan from Pm10, Pm2. 5, Formaldehyde all of which are carcenogenic. Chirk is a high risk cancer a tree a and asthma. Yet you turn a blind eye. Why!!!!!!!!


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