Sorting offices a ‘breeding ground’ for Covid-19 virus

Sorting offices have been described as a ‘breeding ground’ for the Covid-19 virus by concerned postal workers.
Now those concerns over the health and safety of postal workers have been raised in a letter to Royal Mail bosses by Plaid Cymru’s North Wales AM.
Llyr Gruffydd AM has written to the Royal Mail after concerns were raised by postal workers in the region about the lack of protection they had and the lack of social distancing in work due to the sorting process.
Mr Gruffydd said: “I accept it’s difficult to strike a balance between delivering an essential service and maintaining the best possible health standards for postal workers and the general public. But it’s vital that postal workers are not put at unnecessary risk because social distancing isn’t being maintained in Sorting Offices.
“The last thing we need is for postal workers to become unwitting transmitters of the virus to the wider community due to a lack of protective equipment and the proximity of working within the sorting offices.”
A message from one sorting office in the North highlighted the concerns of many postal workers”
Please be aware that social distancing within sorting offices of Royal Mail is not possible. (Particularly in X where output is the priority rather than staff care).   Although measures in place, there are simply too many staff in.  Royal Mail needs to ensure a rota where only half or a third are in on any day, only essential post going out, not useless leaflets and it needs to happen now before it is too late. They need to be instructed to do this by the Government otherwise it simply will not happen. They are a breeding ground for the virus and then off they go into the communities.
Mr Gruffydd added: “On behalf of concerned postal workers I’ve asked whether the Royal Mail can tell me what steps have been taken to ensure adequate social distancing and that the virus is not unwittingly spread by postal workers going about their work?”

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