Tories branded ‘nasty party’ over pandemic reaction 

Llyr Gruffydd

English MP calls for abolition of Welsh Parliament over beach ban

Plaid Cymru’s North Wales MS* Llyr Gruffydd has branded the Tory party the ‘nasty party’ after two different attacks on devolution by MPs.

Shrewsbury MP Daniel Kawzynski’s call to abolish the Welsh Parliament because he and his constituents weren’t able to go to the seaside prompted Mr Gruffydd to say:

“There have already been more than 30,000 deaths including more than 1300 in Wales. New statistics by the ONS show that north Wales has yet to hit its peak so we’re in a very delicate position here in terms of protecting people’s lives. The Welsh Government has correctly decided to maintain the lockdown in unambiguous terms.

“Meanwhile we have a Shrewsbury MP raging about wanting to go to the beach. And because he can’t he wants to abolish the Welsh Parliament!

“It seems clear that the political attacks on devolution from the nasty party will intensify because Wales, Scotland and N Ireland decided to do one thing and England decided to go another way.

“These attacks are coming from within and without our country – they want to abolish a democratic body that threatens their inalienable right to do what they want.

“If Mr Kawzynski really wants to take his bucket and spade to the beach, he’s perfectly free to nip to Heswall on the Wirrall. That’s the nearest beach to Shrewsbury.”

Meanwhile Clwyd West MP David Jones posted up the guidelines for England on his website without acknowledgement of the different rules and regulations for Wales.

Mr Gruffydd added: “This is an utter disgrace. He’s a senior MP promoting misinformation to his own electors that could have serious and life-threatening consequences.

“Either he doesn’t understand devolution or his ideological opposition to Wales doing its own thing is such that it trumps protecting its citizens. Shame on him and shame on his party in Wales for standing idly by.”


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