Enough is Enough – close Hafod tip

Hafod Landfill

A petition has been launched to close the controversial Hafod landfill tip following a large fire at the site between Johnstown and Ruabon.

Plaid Cymru’s North Wales MS Llyr Gruffydd launched the petition saying: “Enough is enough. Local residents have put up with this site for more than a decade and the recent fire sent a large plume of dense black smoke across the local area. Residents were advised to close their windows and stay indoors until it had passed – and with good reason. The burning of plastics and other waste materials can create dioxins and furans, highly toxic chemicals that can get into the food chain and accumulate in larger mammals, including humans.”

Mr Gruffydd said local residents deserved better and supported calls for the tip to be closed down:

Hafod protest 2006“The landfill site at Hafod quarry was imposed on the community more than a decade ago by councils in Merseyside, who saw this as an easy way to dispose of their rubbish. There was a fierce local campaign involving cross-party support because of its proximity to local housing. However, despite being refused planning permission initially by Wrexham Council, it was granted on appeal by the then environment minister Carwyn Jones.

“The fire also reminds us of the importance of having a fire service that can respond effectively and efficiently to large emergencies and I’m glad that the area had sufficient fire appliances to cope with this. I dread to think what might have happened if Wrexham had lost its second fire engine as was proposed a few years ago.”

He said residents should not live under a cloud due to the landfill, adding that councils in Merseyside had avoided responsibility for waste recycling by taking the easy option of dumping in Wales.

He added: “The site now takes waste from a wider area than Merseyside but the principle remains the same. Councils should take responsibility for their waste and stop taking the easy option of dumping it in Wales.

“We need an independent inquiry to find out how the fire started and assess the dangers caused by the landfill site and the fire.

“It’s time to close Hafod landfill site down and move with the times – we need to recycle and re-use rather than dump and hope for the best.

“Please sign and share the petition to ensure local residents can enjoy a better and cleaner environment in the future.”



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