First Minister challenged over Hafod tip closure in Senedd questions

Hafod Landfill

Concerns over fire ignored 

Protesters in 2006

This morning, Plaid Cymru’s North Wales MS Llyr Gruffydd called for the Hafod tip fire to be closed during questions to the First Minister in the Senedd.

He referenced the 800+ who have already signed ‘Close Hafod tip’ petition and called on the First Minister to respond .

Mr Gruffydd said: “Those people are saying ‘enough is enough’- the people living in Ruabon, Johnstown and surrounding areas have put up with the Hafod landfill’s smells and pollution for more than a decade and it’s time it was closed down.

“The landfill site was opened about 14 yrs ago, originally to take waste from Merseyside and the majority of the waste dumped there is still from England. This is a kick in the teeth for local residents as Wrexham Council leads the way in terms of recycling, with only 0.4% of its domestic waste going to landfill. None of that goes to Hafod.

“As with the Kronospan fire in January, mobile air-quality monitoring equipment had to be moved in from Swansea by Natural Resources Wales and took days to arrive. Arguably the worst of the damage had already been caused by the thick plume of smoke. Even so, within two hours, that equipment detected particulates above acceptable levels and residents were told to stay indoors with windows shut for three days (during the hottest spell of the year).

“The arguments about waste have now moved on and dumping plastics and other waste is being replaced by a philosophy of recycling and re-use. Landfill is unsustainable and, as has been shown here, dangerous. That’s why we need other councils and businesses to rethink how they’re dealing with their waste and stop using landfill.”

To see the First Minister’s response watch this.

Mr Gruffydd added: “I’m disappointed the First Minister failed to acknowledge the genuine concerns locally and that we need to move to close this tip.”

The petition has three simple demands:

Hafod landfill is too close to people’s homes and should be closed 

Independent air-monitoring equipment for future incidents should be located more strategically, with at least one kit in the North

An independent inquiry into the cause of the fire and management of the site should be undertaken.

The petition can be viewed here:

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