MS prepares to go into battle for boxing club

Buckley Boxing Club (c)

Sports clubs are a key component in dealing with people’s mental as well as physical health, according to Plaid Cymru’s North Wales MS.

Llyr Gruffydd, Plaid Cymru’s North Wales MS, made his comments during a visit to Buckley Boxing Club, where 300 local people of all ages and abilities are on books.

The club is run by volunteers such as Mark Field and Jim Williams, both of whom have extensive experience of mental health issues.

They are convinced that the club is delivering key support for those struggling with their mental health, whether youngsters or former soldiers suffering from PTSD.

Mark Field said: “In this club we develop people. We don’t push them to do anything they don’t want to do. It’s a family not just a boxing club and we’re looking to expand our provision from five nights a week and Sunday mornings to a daytime too.”

Llyr Gruffydd MS, instructor Katrina Field, Mark Field, young boxer Jayden Turton, Jim Williams and Jack Morris of Plaid Buckley. (c)

The club has been at its present site on Drury Industrial Estate for the past 10 years and is keen to ensure it has a long-term future there.

Llyr Gruffydd said: “In the short time I was there, we saw women enjoy a training session, followed by youngsters working out and there were young men training upstairs as well. It’s a very friendly and well-managed operation with a clear goal.

“I’ve never had any doubt that sports of all kind help people’s wellbeing beyond just the physical”.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has thrust the whole issue of mental health into sharper relief and a sports club such as this offers a positive option for many who may be suffering isolation and anxiety that has been made worse due to the lockdown.”

Mr Gruffydd added that he supported the club’s plans for the future: “This club is being run on a shoestring by dedicated volunteers. It needs security so that it can expand services and have a guarantee for the future. That’s why I’ve written to Flintshire Council urging them to provide that security going forward and also any support for this and similar clubs, which really make a difference to people’s everyday lives.”

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