‘Wales can lead the way on greener, cleaner products’

Wales can lead in terms of recycling and innovative green products.

That’s the view of a new company that’s developed and produces a recyclable paper cup at its Wrexham factory.

Frugalpac, based on Wrexham Industrial Estate, was created three years ago and has pioneered a paper cup that can be recycled fully rather than face being landfilled.

The company’s managing director Malcolm Waugh met Plaid Cymru’s North Wales MS Llyr Gruffydd and local Plaid Cymru councillor Carrie Harper to show them the products they are making.

Mr Waugh said: “Our innovative cups are low carbon, easily recycled and therefore avoid going to landfill like more conventional paper cups. We have also developed a ‘paper’ wine bottle that has 1/6th of the energy needed to create a conventional wine bottle and can also be recycled.

“We’re motivated by a passion to protect our environment. Our already recycled, recyclable products will help to eliminate the insane levels of waste that exist in society today.”

Frugalpac’s wine bottles use 94% recycled paper and Mr Waugh commented that “Wales is good at recycling paper.”

Regarding the company’s wine bottles, he added: “It’s much lighter than glass, easier to transport and friendlier to the planet. Just as important, the wine still tastes as wonderful in a paper bottle as it does in glass.”

The company wants to expand into making yoghurt and noodle pots as part of its growth plans.

From left,  Llyr Gruffydd MS, Luke Bennett and Malcolm Waugh of Frugalpac and Cllr Carrie Harper.

Mr Gruffydd said: “Wales is doing well in terms of recycling and reducing our landfill but, as always, we can and must do better. 

“That’s why it’s heartening to hear positive comments from new and innovative companies such as Frugalpac, which we must nurture and support if we’re serious about a zero-waste future. 

“As well as the environmental benefits this can also help us rebuild a different kind of post-Covid economic model. We should be aiming to build on this and create new industries and jobs that help create a greener, cleaner Wales.

“Reducing landfill is something I’m particularly interested in as we have all seen the consequences of that with the Hafod landfill fire earlier this year.”

Cllr Carrie Harper added: “It’s great to see innovation happening on our doorstep here in Wrexham. With the right political will, we have seen what can be done in terms of reducing landfill and Wrexham Council is showing the way in that respect. 

“Much more needs to be done and being able to recycle more products that we currently throw away after a single use has to be a good thing.”

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