Numerous Plaid Cymru members from across north Wales have expressed their support for Llyr to lead the North Wales list for next year’s Senedd elections. These are some of the messages of support.

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Ieuan Wyn Jones

Former Plaid Cymru Leader, ynys mon

“It’s a pleasure to support Llŷr in his campaign to represent the North Wales region in the Senedd. I know of his energy, his dedication and undoubted ability as an elected member. He is a first class communicator and has been a strong voice for the north since his election. I hope that he gets the chance to continue with his work in 2021.”

Cllr. Llinos Medi Huws

Ynys Mon County Council Leader

“I support Llŷr as he has already proved himself as a strong voice for the north. His understanding of the geographical and cultural diversity of north Wales is crucial to this role. This is one of Llyr’s great strengths.”

Dafydd Iwan

Former Plaid Cymru President

“I have known Llyr for many years as a knowledgable and hardworking person dedicated to serving his constituents. He has wide experience in the economic and social spheres, and his politics and idealism are firmly rooted in the need for practical solutions. He is never afraid to express his views without fear or favour, and is committed to ensure a prosperous future for Wales and its people, and a cultural environment where all people are equal, and the Welsh and English languages have full parity. It gives me great pleasure to endorse his candidacy for the northern region of Wales”

Cllr. Rhys Thomas

Plaid Cymru Group Leader, Denbighshire County Council

“Llyr has been an effective bridge between grassroots campaigns and work in the Senedd. From his efforts to protect beds at Denbigh Hospital to the campaign to keep the college campus open, from opposing overdevelopment of housing to helping local businesses, Llyr has fought tirelessly for us at every opportunity. I’ll be supporting Llyr. His record and experience in representing us clearly demonstrate why he should be number one on the North Wales list.”

Cllr. Menna Baines

Pentir County Councillor, Gwynedd

“Llŷr is an obvious choice to be top of Plaid Cymru’s list for the North Wales Region based on all his experience as an active and tireless representative for this part of Wales.”

Cllr. Mabon ap Gwynfor


“Llyr has proven himself to be a sincere and insightful politician since his election to the Senedd. I have seen him hold the government to account and succeed in changing their policies. We need Llyr’s ability and experience in our ranks as we prepare to form a government.”

Cllr. Austin Roberts

Plaid Cymru Group Leader, Conwy County Borough Council

“Llyr is a strong voice for rural communities. He has consistently stood up for agriculture and for protecting rural services and businesses. Whether it’s improving broadband or keeping our banks open, Llyr has stood shoulder to shoulder with communities across the north. He keeps in regular contact with the party’s county councillors and is regularly seen at agricultural shows across north Wales. Please support Llyr to be number one on the North Wales regional list.”

Cllr. Dylan Rees

Plaid Cymru Group Chair, Ynys Mon County Council

“Mae gen i’r parch a’r edmygedd uchaf tuag at Llyr sy’n un o’r gwleidyddion mwyaf effeithiol a hoffus rwy’n eu hadnabod. Mae bob amser yn gyflym i adnabod materion sy’n peri pryder i’r etholwyr ac yn ymateb gydag angerdd a gweledigaeth. Dro ar ôl tro mae wedi llwyddo i wneud gwahaniaeth go iawn yn ein cymunedau ledled gogledd Cymru. Mae mawr angen ei ddiwydrwydd, ei feddylgarwch a’i weledigaeth yn y Senedd. ”

Eirian Wyn Conlon


“Llyr has been a strong voice for Plaid Cymru here in the north east. I’m perfectly confident to approach him with any issue knowing he will respond intelligently and effectively. I’ll be supporting him to be at the top of the list.”

Dr. Sion Aled Owen


“It is my pleasure to support Llyr to be at the top of the Plaid Cymru list in the North Wales Region for the Welsh General Election next year.

The next few years will be among the most crucially important in the history of Wales, as we face the effects of the twin disasters of COVID-19 and Brexit, and that on the watch of a Westminster Government that cares not one iota about Wales. At the same time, support for Welsh independence is stronger than ever – while voices calling for devolution to be rolled back completely are also getting louder. It’s vital at such a time that we ensure that the most able and principled politicians are at the helm in our Senedd, and I’m convinced that Llyr must be one of them – so put him first on the list!”

Cllr. Trystan Lewis


“As a fellow candidate with Llyr in the last Senedd election I’ve seen at first hand his enthusiasm and energy for the cause. His passionate speeches inspire us and he is a politician that leads by example. He’ll get my vote.”

Dr. Catrin Elis Williams


“Llyr performs his duties conscientiously and thoroughly, in particular his work scrutinising Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board’s activity. He has proven his ability to represent the whole of the North Wales region, with its range of diverse needs.”

Cllr. Wyn Ellis Jones

Uwch Conwy

“Llyr has been a strong Plaid Cymru presence in Conwy and a great asset to us as councillors. Always ready to turn up at local meetings or events and always ready to help with casework. Llyr gets my vote to be number one on the North Wales list.”

Wil Lloyd Davies


“As the former mayor of Caernarfon I would like to support Llyr’s candidacy. During the covid-19 lockdown Llyr launched a campaign encouraging everyone to support their local shops and businesses. It underlined to me how he understands the importance of small businesses as the backbone of our economy in this part of north Wales. He gets my vote.”

Cllr. Sue Lloyd-Williams


“Llyr’s experience is to be key as Plaid Cymru prepares to form the Welsh Government in 2021. He has proven his ability in his role as a Minister in the Shadow Cabinet and through his work as Chair of the Senedd’s influential Finance Committee. I’ll be supporting Llyr to be number one on the list as a strong and experienced voice for us here in North Wales.”

Bob Gaffey


“I’m supporting Llyr in this election due to the excellent work he has done for north Wales. He has been a consistent and hard-working servant for the region and I’m confident that he will continue to be so. In this world of fake news and politicians who play fast and loose with the facts, I’m delighted to say that he has always been honest and transparent with his service to the community. I hope that you vote for Llyr in this coming election so that he can continue the excellent work he does. I’m 100% behind his campaign.”

Cllr. Dafydd Owen


“Empowering communities is an important part of Llyr’s vision and he is an avid supporter of social enterprises especially in the renewable energy sector. His work with the Senedd’s Cross Party Group on Sustainable Energy has given a number of these enterprises an important platform and I very much hope that he will be number one on Plaid’s list.”

Cllr. Carwyn Jones


“Llyr has campaigned hard for a fairer share of investment and jobs for us here in North Wales. As a founder of the Cross Party Group for North Wales in the Senedd he has brought together elected members from all levels to press both Welsh and UK Governments to support better infrastructure across the region. He is a sincere and hardworking representative and without doubt he gets my support.”

Cllr. Abdul Khan

Colwyn Bay

“Llyr has been a great asset to Plaid Cymru in the Colwyn Bay area. He’s always ready to support our branch and its members with our work. He’s recognised and respected as a strong and experienced campaigner. I’m supporting Llyr to be our lead candidate for North Wales.”

Linda Brown


“Llyr and his team’s response to all the troubles of covid-19 has been exceptional. From helping vulnerable individuals to continue to receive services to helping local businesses access financial support – he has been there to support them. His record shows why he should be top of Plaid Cymru’s list.”

Cllr. Arwel Roberts


“We’re very fortunate to have Llyr as an active and conscientious member of Plaid Cymru. He’s a very capable person, a great listener and has been a great asset to this area in campaigning for local services. People respect him not only in Plaid Cymru but across the political spectrum. As someone who has worked closely with Llyr on a range of local issues there is no doubt he should be top of Plaid Cymru’s list.”

Cllr. John Griffiths


“I’m really glad that Llyr is putting his name forward to stand up for us. He is a loyal, hard-working, enthusiastic and dedicated servant to all, from whatever background or part of North Wales. He has fought and campaigned very successfully for many prominent and important causes not only in the region but also on a national level. With respect to the other candidates. I couldn’t wish for a better representative.”

Walis George


“Whether it’s winning the debate to create an independent planning inspectorate for Wales or being the first Plaid Cymru MS in a decade to steer new legislation through the Senedd, Llyr is a politician that delivers. He deserves to be number one on the North Wales list and he gets my vote.”

Yvon Jones


“I moved to Mold six years ago and will again be supporting Llyr for re-election to the Senedd because of the dedication to his constituents. One example came squarely home when I was victimised in my community and had to wait months to be rehoused. Within two days of hearing about this, Llyr took time out of his busy schedule to contact my housing association and, within a week, I was given permission to move. He is a man of his word and of the people.”

Eifion lloyd Jones


“We in North Wales have been extremely fortunate in recent years being represented by one of the most prominent and active members of the Senedd. He has been a strong campaigner on our behalf in all areas, but his tireless and prominent work in health and care has been remarkably successful. But there is still a lot of work to be done in various areas, which is why it’s vital that Llyr continues to represent us as the most effective member that anyone can have the privilege of supporting.”

Cllr. Bob Parry

Ynys Mon

“I’m delighted to express my support for the good work Llyr has done – especially on behalf of the farmers and his support for rural communities.”

Dr. Einir Young


“Since being first elected, Llyr has been a sincere and hardworking MS for the North Wales region. I’m particularly pleased that he was able to gain a majority for Plaid Cymru’s motion that the Senedd should declare a climate emergency. But talk comes cheap, action is now needed to back this declaration up and I’m confident that Llyr has the enthusiasm to lead the effort to create the necessary action plan that will bind the Senedd to act on this all important issue.  It’s my pleasure to support his campaign for re-election.”

Elfed Williams

Gorllewin Clwyd

“Working with Llŷr over the years I’ve seen the hard work he does for our communities on issues such as education, health and agriculture. But as Director of a mental health charity I would like to express my special thanks to Llŷr for the tireless work he has done fighting for better services for those suffering mental illness. I sincerely support Llŷr to be number one on the list.”

Cllr. Ian Jenkins


“In the years I have known Llyr through canvassing, attending meetings and campaigning in his company I have found that he has a very special talent as a leader and public speaker who’s able to inspire an audience. He has provided guidance and support to help solve many problems in my area. His friendly and warm personality makes him an outstanding candidate to top the North Wales list for Plaid Cymru.”

Cllr. Charles Wyn Jones


“Llyr has consistently fought to ensure that North Wales gets its fair share of investment from the Government in Cardiff. His work in setting up and chairing the Cross Party Group for North Wales has helped to advance our cause in the Senedd. I’ll be supporting him to be at the top of the list.”

Cllr. Vaughan Hughes

Ynys Mon

“Able and capable – an asset to the Senedd.”

Mari Emlyn


“”If Plaid Cymru is serious about forming a Government in May then we need someone of Llyr’s calibre and experience at the top of our list. His outstanding work as a leading figure in Adam Price’s shadow cabinet has clearly demonstrated why he is the one to lead our team in the north region.”

Tecwyn Vaughan Jones

Colwyn Bay and Abergele Branch Chair

“As Chairman of the Colwyn Bay and Abergele branch I know Llyr has been extremely supportive of our work, attending and contributing to our branch meetings, working with us as a branch as we leaflet and canvass and prominently and visibly supporting Plaid policies on a regional level in particular. His political ability to highlight issues affecting the daily life of his constituents is outstanding and far reaching and he can be relied upon to support and inspire. His knowledge of the constituencies of the north is exceptional and he is well known across the region. We have already seen the benefit of this as he canvasses in this area. He is a popular member and attracts cross-party admiration in the region. His response to issues arising in relation to the local Health Board (an important topic that concerns the vast majority of his constituents) has been honest, thoroughly researched, effective and commendable. It’s extremely important that he continues to speak out in the name of Plaid Cymru for the North Wales Region in the Senedd. He is a great asset to Plaid in these parts.”

Rachel Allen

Trevor, Clwyd South

“I’m supporting Llyr to lead Plaid Cymru’s north Wales regional list at next year’s Senedd election. Llyr’s strong track record speaks for itself; he has fought tirelessly across a whole range of issues to support and improve the lives of people across the region. I fully endorse Llyr and his campaign to ensure that this vital work can continue.”

Phil Edwards


“We’re very fortunate to have Llyr as our representative in the Senedd. His wide experience and high profile across north Wales is of great benefit to us as we campaign to grow the party locally. We’d be very foolish not to put him at the top of the list! He certainly gets my vote.”

Cllr. Gwyneth Kensler


“I’m delighted to support Llyr to be top of Plaid Cymru’s North Wales Regional list for next year’s Senedd election. During his time as an MS Llyr has assisted us as Plaid councillors. He’s always willing to listen and give advice and he makes sure we’re aware of what’s happening in the Senedd. This is so important to us. He works hard for Wales.”

Huw Prys Jones


“As someone who has known him for many years, I’m pleased to support Llyr’s campaign to be top of the Plaid Cymru list for the North Wales Region. He has been a hard-working and effective elected member and he is also a friendly and approachable person who is always willing and eager to help.”

Eleri Lovgreen


“Llyr is one of those reliable and hard-working politicians who DO as well as SAY. He deserves to be number one on the North Wales list.”

Cllr. R. Meirion Jones

Ynys Mon

“Llyr is an astute and hard-working politician who is making a difference. When he was Plaid’s education spokesman, he managed to force Government u-turns on issues such as their intention to scrap the school uniform grant and to cut the SchoolBeat budget in our schools. His has a strong record and I will support him to be at the top of Plaid Cymru’s list.”

Cllr. Emrys Wynne


“The people of North Wales are very lucky that Llŷr represents us. He is a tireless worker and locally in Ruthin he has been an important part of the successful fight for keeping Ysgol Pentrecelyn open and improving facilities at Ruthin Community Hospital. He actively supported the efforts of Ruthin Town Councillors to keep the Natwest and Barclays banks open in the town. As a County Councillor, receiving Llŷr’s advice and support means we can regularly deliver successful outcomes.”

cllr. Alun Mummery

Ynys Mon

“Llyr has been a great asset to us on Anglesey. Always ready with his support, a willing ear for us as councillors and an strong voice to advocate for our communities. I will support him to be top of the North Wales list and look forward to working with him as Plaid Cymru aims to form the next Government of Wales.”

Ann Owen

Ysbyty Ifan

“With our rural communities feeling under siege, we need an experienced regional representative who understands the challenges and the way ahead. A determined  voice for the need to build a robust and sustainable rural economy, his support and campaigning for improving our rural infrastructure show his commitment to ensuring change for the better. Llyr will be my first choice on the northern list.“

Arthur Evans


“Llyr has always worked hard for the people of North Wales as an MS. His recent campaigns to protect public health at Kronospan in Chirk and the Hafod landfill site in Wrexham are proof of that. I hope that he will be able to carry on this good work as a strong and effective Plaid Cymru representative for north Wales in the Senedd.”

Allan Wyn Jones

Ynys Mon

“I had a clear demonstration of Llyr’s ability to shine in front of an audience relatively recently. Llyr represented Plaid in multi-party hustings on environmental and agricultural topics in front of an intelligent and critical audience at the Centre for Alternative Technology near Machynlleth. His deep knowledge of rural affairs, his mastery of detail, his ability to cite evidence and his ability to present and summarise his remarks concisely and compellingly demonstrated that he was head and shoulders above all the other party representatives. At the end of the meeting several of the Centre’s officers came to me saying ‘he’s the man for us’! It’s a pleasure and privilege to support Llyr’s campaign to continue to represent us at the Senedd.”

Cllr. Liz Roberts


“I’m supporting Llyr to be number one on the Plaid Cymru list in North Wales. He has been a great support to us in Conwy helping with both casework and local campaigns. He has worked collaboratively to make a positive difference in our communities and he deserves to be top the regional list.”

Gethin Clwyd


“One moment Llyr was winning the support of the Senedd to declare a climate emergency and the next he was winning the battle to install speed cameras to stop speeding on our local roads. He has proven himself to be a politician who delivers at both a local and national level. His record shows why he should lead Plaid Cymru’s list in the north.”

Cllr. Meirick Lloyd Davies


“I enthusiastically support Llyr’s bid to be top of Plaid Cymru’s list in the north. He has proven that he’s more than capable of driving the party’s policies forward and can powerfully argue his case. He’s a strong campaigner for the interests of the north, a tireless worker and I want him to be able to continue his work for Plaid Cymru across the north Wales region.”

Cllr. Margaret Roberts

Ynys Mon

“It is a pleasure to support Llyr, a strong voice who works hard for Wales and North Wales in particular.”

llr. eryl Williams

Clawdd Newydd

“I’m delighted to support Llyr to be top of Plaid’s list for North Wales. Llyr knows the region in its entirety and the experience he has gained over the last few years will be invaluable as we face the turbulent times ahead. Llyr is a great asset to Plaid Cymru as we demonstrate that we have the vision to improve the lives of the people of Wales.

Gwion Owain


“Wrth i’r ddadl dros annibyniaeth boethi mi fydd Llyr yn lais pwysig i Blaid Cymru wrth hyrwyddo’r achos yn y Senedd ac ar draws Cymru’n ehangach. Mae ei waith ar lefel lleol a chenedlaethol wedi tanlinellu i mi mai fo ddylai arwain ein rhestr yn y gogledd.”

Cllr. Trefor Lloyd Hughes


“Llyr is a strong and experienced campaigner and has done an outstanding job especially on health. He has been extremely effective in holding the health board to account and in protecting and improving services for residents across the north. He will get my vote to be top of Plaid Cymru’s list.”

Nesta Gibson


“I’m delighted to support Llyr. He is extremely active here in the north east and works conscientiously for the interests of the electorate. He is always very enthusiastic about improving services within Betsi Cadwaladr and the wider NHS, and he works tirelessly to support the farmers.”

Dyfan Roberts


“Llyr has been an incredibly active member for North Wales, leading countless campaigns for the people of the region. He successfully campaigned for the pay and conditions of Betsi Cadwaladr nurses, and has been a strong defender of our land and language and the economy of North Wales. He has become a robust and forthright speaker on the media and deserves another term representing us in the Senedd.”

Cllr. Lewis Davies

Ynys Mon

“I would like to express my 100 per cent support for Llyr because of his dedication and tireless work over the years for Plaid. With his experience and strong principles I feel that Llyr is the best candidate to top the North Wales regional list.”

Llyr ab Alwyn


“Since Llyr was elected to the Senedd he has represented the electorate of north Wales with a strong and consistent voice. His experience and background in the voluntary sector is evident as he works hard for often underrepresented groups and communities. Plaid’s strength in the north is reflected in the calibre and range of candidates standing for the list, but Llyr will get my vote to be number one as I know he’ll continue to represent the region with the same credibility and determination he has shown since the start.”

Cllr. Ifan Wyn


“Llŷr has worked tirelessly for the North Wales region over the last few years. His work supporting local agricultural producers and his efforts to create a more sustainable economy in the area has been invaluable. I fully support his bid to represent us again and to be top of Plaid Cymru’s list in next year’s Senedd elections.”

Iwan Meirion


“Llyr has consistently fought to protect our rural services. From local banks to health services he has been an active campaigner and a strong voice for our towns and villages. His experience will be key as Plaid Cymru looks to form the next Welsh Government. He’s getting my vote without a doubt.”

Cllr. Alun Roberts

Ynys Mon

“It is a great pleasure to support Llyr to be number one on the North Wales list on behalf of Plaid Cymru for the 2021 Senedd elections. Llyr has proved himself to be a conscientious, hardworking, sincere and tireless representative in recent years. He is a true champion of the electorate of north Wales. Good luck Llyr.”

Cheow-Lay wee

Clwyd West

“Llyr is one of the strongest leaders we have in North Wales. Working across the region, he engages with the issues and works hard to make change. He’s never afraid to challenge the Welsh Government and is a strong and experienced representative of the people of the north of Wales, especially those in minorities. I wholeheartedly support his re-election to lead our North Wales Regional list.”

Cllr. Garffild Lloyd Lewis


“Whether helping solve the problem of speeding in my ward or successfully changing Government policy, Llyr combines his role as a local and national representative extremely effectively. He’s one of those politicians that can be as impressive on the door step as he is addressing the Senedd. Llyr gets my first vote.”

Chris Allen

Clwyd South

“I’m very pleased to fully endorse Llyr to be Plaid’s number one candidate for next year’s Senedd elections. Llyr’s work in the Senedd has been outstanding. He has proved himself to be a reliable heavy-hitter for Plaid Cymru for many years and I believe that he is the right choice for all of us in north Wales.”

Paul Weston


“I’m delighted to declare my support for Llyr to be the first name on Plaid’s North Wales list. Llyr has shown his ability and commitment in the good work he has done over the years. His experience in the Senedd will be vital in the unique and challenging times ahead.”

Huw Powell-Davies


“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Llyr as an insightful and effective campaigner and politician over the last thirty years. He has been thorough, conscientious and enthusiastic in all that he has endeavored to achieve in service to those he represents. We were pleased to have his support in Flintshire when we campaigned to protect Welsh-medium education in the county. He still has years of service ahead for his party and country, and I know that he will give his all when placed at the top of Plaid’s list for the North Wales Region.”

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